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More people than ever completing an Apprenticeship in the UK

It has been revealed today (14/10/2015) by the government that more people than ever are completing an Apprenticeship in the UK and there is a record number of people signing up for higher level Apprenticeships!

The government have announced that more than 872,000 people started an Apprenticeship during the 14/15 academic year with more than 30,000 people registered for higher / degree level Apprenticeships.

The Skills Minister, Nick Boles commented:

“Our apprenticeship reforms are helping to build the modern highly skilled workforce British businesses need. We are committed to delivering 3 million apprenticeships by 2020 because that means more opportunities for our young people, more growth for our businesses.”

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What are your thoughts on the latest figures released today?

2 thoughts on “More people than ever completing an Apprenticeship in the UK

  1. BenHR

    Interesting figures, I wonder if this is because people are being encouraged into apprenticeships, or because university fees are now unaffordable for many, or both?

  2. Dedicated server

    Businesses and colleges should be congratulated for helping apprenticeships move from strength to strength. I am hugely proud of the success we have achieved together and look forward to even more young people getting the chance to work hard and get on.”


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