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Fail to Prepare – Prepare to Fail

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At KM we love to provide an excellent service to our candidates, over the last 5 years we have helped hundreds of people across the country move into their new roles within the training
industry! Where there are lots of successful interviews there will always be some unsuccessful interviews and we would like to share with you the main reason why a candidate may be

As the title suggests, if you fail to prepare for your interview (whether it is telephone or face to face), you must be prepared to fail.

Most, if not all companies expect candidates to have a prior knowledge about them and about the job. You don’t need to know everything, but having a basic knowledge about the company (What they do, what achievements they have had recently, recent news etc…) and a good
understanding of the job role that you are applying for (main duties, travel required etc…) will always look good in the interviewer’s eyes.

As a candidate of KM, you have access to the best resources available for interview preparation, our Specialist Recruitment Consultants have over 25 years combined experience of recruiting for the Work Based Learning and Welfare to Work sectors, they are on hand to give you lots of advice in order to give you the best interview experience.

We always recommend that you schedule a short telephone conversation with your recruiter to run through a tailored interview preparation focussed on the role that you are applying for; Our recruiters can give you advice about the company, typically what kind of questions you may be asked and they will workshop your answers with you to ensure that you are giving the right
information to each answer.

To read more about KM’s Hint’s and Tips for Interviews, please visit our website:

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