cv advice

Your CV sells you so it should be detailed, up to date and relevant!

CV Checklist

  • Contact details: When submitting your CV to us; please ensure your full name address, contact numbers (mobile and landline) and email address are included.
  • Profile: Usually a CV will start with either a profile or career objective. This section should be reviewed each time you apply for a role as it may need to be tweaked to suit the type of position you are applying to. You should be mindful to sell your key areas of experience, suitability, skills and achievements.
  • Qualifications: Start with your most recent education and work your way back. Please include date qualification was achieved, education establishment you gained it through and full qualification name (including any levels).
  • Employment history: Start with the most recent job and work your way back. Ensure months and years (from and to), company name and job title is completed for each role.
  • Job description: Each role must include a full job description covering (depending on your background) - qualifications / levels you deliver, classroom/work based delivery experience, management duties, targets and performance etc... You will also want to ensure you have really expanded on your experience that is relevant to the post you are applying to.
  • Interests: Please include a small summary of any hobbies, interests, personal achievements you have had. Please be mindful of how this section reads.
  • Additional information: You may also want to include if you are a car owner/driver, or have any relevant memberships.
  • References: Please include “references available on request”. Full reference details can be obtained upon a job offer.

At the point of CV submission we will go through your CV with you to check the above and ensure you CV sells you as best as possible.