candidates case studies

KM regularly recruits Trainee Assessors for a variety of occupational competencies.


This case study covers the recruitment of a candidate for a Trainee / Qualified Assessor of Hospitality with specific back of house and chef experience.


  • Historically this role had been a difficult one to fill for our client. The main reasons being the need to find someone with the right level of occupational experience who was located in the right area.
  • The area was a combination of 3 separate places which covered rural areas. Ideally the successful candidate needed to be located within easy commute of all 3.

Path to success:

We started the application process with a new candidate to KM. They had wanted to become an Assessor for some time and came to us a little disheartened due to a combination of not having access to available positions and missing out to qualified assessors in the past.

Through our screening process we were able to quickly identify that the candidate matched all areas of the role well. We advised them of the reasons for their suitability and approached this application as a fresh start with plenty of enthusiasm and encouragement.

KM conducts a thorough screening process and with our industry experience we are able to provide honest advice and feedback to candidates who would like to progress into a career as an Assessor.

For example; our clients seek specific areas of experience, predominantly at senior/team leader/management level within the industry sector – this is very important as it ensures trainee assessors hold industry experience to the required level, so they are competent to assess the range of learners working in the industry they come from.

In submitting our candidate; we helped expand their CV to further showcase key areas of relevant experience and were delighted when an interview request came through.


Following a successful 1st and 2nd interview a subsequent shadow day was arranged for our candidate. A shadow day is where the candidate goes out on learner visits with one of our clients assessors to experience the role first hand! We play an active part at all interview stages to fully furnish candidates with information, support, and interview preparation.

I am pleased to say that all went well and we were thrilled that our candidate received and accepted an offer of employment!

Candidate feedback: “Many thanks Kelly you have been a massive help I’m sure without your assistance I would still be jobless. Once again many, many thanks”