employers case studies

Our client is a well established and successful training organisation, who after developing a new e-Learning offering, approached KM Recruitment to source the right candidate to take strategic lead as Head of eLearning.


This was a new venture for our client, therefore we understood how vitally important it was for us to source the right candidate to undertake such an important task. Initial conversations focussed on formulating a job description and gaining an in-depth understanding of the key duties / role objectives and business needs. As with any new role the required experience and criteria evolved along the way, however, we maintained focus and adapted according to our clients changes in requirements.


  • Our client was seeking an individual with both the product knowledge to design and launch the new offering as well as the business acumen to roll this out nationally, create a business plan, and show growth projections over a set period of time.
  • Attracting a suitable candidate (as above) from a limited talent pool. The successful candidate would need to be able to start from scratch to build, implement and launch a new product.

KM Recruitment carried out a rigorous recruitment drive to generate potential candidates. This involved creating a job description and advertising across all of our job boards to promote our client and role. We carried out wide spread networking and pro-active searches in order to make contact with potential candidates. We conducted thorough and in depth screening with applicants and candidates sourced through our searches - keeping in mind we had strict criteria to keep to.

As with all roles, KM Recruitment , was closely involved when interviews were requested for shortlisted candidates. We gathered all information and liaised with our client and candidates to confirm interviews and feedback. As this was a senior role the interview process involved a few stages and included a request for candidates to plan and prepare from specific guidelines and a document to be discussed at interview. We ensured candidates were fully equipped every step of the way.


We were delighted to have sourced a candidate who matched all aspects of the criteria given. This was always very important for us to stick to given the responsibility and scope of the role.