Operating nationwide, KM Recruitment brings over 35 years combined experience of recruiting specifically for the Work Based Learning (WBL) & Welfare to Work (W2W) sectors.

We appreciate that spending time and resources sifting through CV's, providing cover for unfilled vacancies, and incurring upfront costs for fruitless advertising will result in costly delays to your business.

So leave it all to us!

Our recruitment services are offered on a “no placement – no fee” basis.

We do:

Invest time to understand our clients culture, job role and the individual requirements of each Recruiting Manager.

Save you valuable time and resources - taking care of the candidate attraction; screening and only submitting those candidates who we feel are best matched.

Operate a robust recruitment process which complies with current legislation and best practice, and which enables us to predict candidate performance accurately.

Include a cover note with each CV that provides information to the Recruiting Manager about the reasons why the candidate has been shortlisted and is considered a good fit.

Provide each candidate with a detailed briefing about the job and employer, enabling them to make an informed decision about whether to progress their application.

Brief candidates with written details for interview including: interview date and time, name of the Recruiting Manager, venue location, links to maps, parking availability, anticipated duration of the interview and details of what to expect in terms of interview style and content.

Interview prep every candidate we represent.

Offer honest and constructive feedback to all candidates post CV submission and interview.

Manage the offer, exploring outstanding applications and possibilities of what existing employer might offer as a counter offer. Remain in contact with candidates throughout the notice period to maximise retention.

Underpin all of our processes with clear communication so reducing the likelihood of confusion, ambiguity and mistakes.

We don't:

Submit a candidate unless we are confident that they are suited to the vacancy, (explained in accompanying cover note) thereby avoiding Recruiting Managers from wasting time interviewing unsuitable candidates.
Submit a candidate unless we have discussed the employer and vacancy with them first.